Metal Group srl

Non Destructive Testing

Magnetoscopia Canavese


Magnetic particles checks are based on making magnetic flows dispersed in examined material, through which it is possible to determine the breaks that generated them.

• Three Karl Deutsch UWE 600 machines, power up to 4000A
• A Karl Deutsch UWE 1500 machine, for pieces up to 1500 mm
• A C.G.M. Magiscop 6000 machine, for pieces up to 1600 mm
• Three Giraudi machines, with power up to 4000A and 1000 mm length
• A semi-automatic C.N.D. machine for two pieces every cycle

Ultrasuoni Canavese


Ultrasonic test (UT) work with the propagation of bundles of elastic waves into solid materials, that means with compression and decompression waves with frequency higher than audible sounds. Ultrasonic waves, sent into the component to be checked, are softened by the substance through which they pass, and then they are deflected or absorbed because of the breaks present in the material.

• Krautkramer digital instruments USM25
• Gilardoni analogical instruments

Correnti Indotte Canavese


The not-destructive test with Inducted Currents (ET) consists in the induction of alternate magnetic fields, created through dedicated coils (or sensors) in examined material. Those fields generate in intervention zone some induced currents (Focault currents), which will be deflected from eventual breaks present inside the checked component.

• Rohmann ELOTEST IS digital instruments
• Foerster analogical instruments

Liquidi Penetranti


The not-destructive test with Penetrating Liquids is one of the most traditional analysis method, used by aeronautic industry in order to highlight superficial breaks on any not-porous material (metal, ceramic, glass, plastic and so on); this feature makes this test usable in many production phases and/or checks on aircrafts components. However, in order to have a profitable use of this analysis method, some operating conditions are necessary, first of all the breaks to be highlighted (besides being superficial), must be "open on surface".

• Microtecnica system with tanks



Spectrometry is a system used to determine the chemical composition of metallic materials, which using a system of scanning of light spectrum of an electric shock in air (ARC) or in inert gas atmosphere (SPARK), allows to obtain the different percentages of the materials involved. This service that we offer, using portable wheeled instruments, allows the selection for example of bars warehouses (at Customer's plant) or for the search of inhomogeneity, with the possibility to print the results

• Portable WAS PMI MASTER instruments



In order to measure a material's hardness, the hardness tester makes a penetration on it, leaving a mark (called "witness") on tested point. This test can be defined a not-destructive test, since the tested component may keep its own integrity and functionality

• Fixed hardness tester Wolpert Brinnell 3000 kg
• Portable digital testers Equotip 2000
• Rockwell hardness testers
• Vickers hardness testers